Tokyo 2020 Surfing Venue

TOKYO2020 Surfing Venue “Tsurigasaki Surfing beach” known as “Shidashita Point”

This article was updated in July 2021

The Tokyo Olympic Games have begun.

Is it about 8 years ago?
It is decided that the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo
Moreover, my favorite surfing became the first official Olympic competition.
And when it turns out that it will be held in Shidashita, Chiba
I remember being very excited

but, I never dreamed that this would happen with Covid19 …

If the virus does not spread,
It would have been more exciting week before the start of the Olympics,
I wanted to get a ticket and watch the Olympics with my own eyes, but I couldn’t do it

But once in a lifetime
A valuable opportunity to see the Olympics here in Japan

I support the Japanese national team players
And I want to spend this precious period in my own way of enjoying

I don’t surf Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach (Shidashita Point) as my home point
As living in the same Chiba prefecture
I want foreigners who couldn’t come to Japan to know about Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach (Shidashita Point),
which is the surfing venue for the Olympic Games in Japan.

I will make full use of 「Google Translate」
and write it in English.

TOKYO2020 Surfing Venue “Tsurigasaki Surfing beach”



Tokyo Olympic surfing venue
Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach  (commonly known as Shidashita Point)

The point is in the middle of the coastline of Chiba prefecture,
Located at the southern end of Kujukuri Beach

By Car
You can reach from Tokyo in about 90 minutes by car If there is no traffic on the toll road

By train
It takes about 60 minutes from Tokyo Station to Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station by taking the limited express.
But if you don’t use the limited express, it will take about 90 minutes


It’s better to take a taxi from Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station to Shidashita.
it will arrive in about 10 minutes

When a surfing competition is held in Shidashita
There may be a shuttle bus from Kazusa-Ichinomiya Station,
There is usually no bus


Map is here

Ichinomiya Area


Shidashita Point is one of the points in the Ichinomiya area

The Ichinomiya area is an area that can be said to be a representative surf area in Japan.


600,000 people visit Ichinomiya every year
And you can enjoy surfing in all seasons


The surf points in the Ichinomiya area have the following points: Only major points

  • Ichinomiya Point
  • Sunrise Point
  • Torami Point
  • Shidashita Point(Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach)
  • Taito Point

This area is an area where you can surf anywhere
There are many points other than these points


The characteristic of this area is
The embankment extends offshore at each point,
Sand tends to stick around the embankment, and the sand bar often improves.


However, on days when the waves are big,
A strong current occurs along this embankment
Beginners should stay away from the embankment because they are often washed offshore

If you can use this current
You can easily get out
Many surfers get out along the embankment

Many professional surfers have this area as their home
Especially Shidashita Point is known as “Surfing Dojo”

When the waves are in good condition
Top class sessions in Japan can be seen here
It is also an area with a high level of surfing

Many surf shops line up along the coastline of the Ichinomiya area

Since Shidashita was decided to be the venue for the Olympics, the number of cafes and shops has increased.

An area called “Cibafornia”, imitating “California”
Popular area for visitor surfers

From Kazusa Ichinomiya Station to Tokyo
If you use the limited express, you can arrive in about an hour

More and more surfers have moved to the Ichinomiya area and go to offices in Tokyo by train.

Shidashita as a Surf Point


The information as a surfing point of Tsurigasaki Surfing beach(Shidashita),
which will be the venue for the Olympics, is as follows.

  • Surf point facing east side ocean
    Offshore is west-southwest
  • West-southwest as a straight offshore
    There is a small mountain behind the Taito point
    on the south side of Shidashita
    to reduce the south wind,
    and the offshore wind is from south to west.
  • The swell reacts to a wide range of swells
    from southeast to northeast
  • Beach break on the seabed with sand
    Sand is attached near the embankment
    and it is easy to make a sand bar
  • The embankment extends from the sea to the offshore,
    When the wave size is large,
    a strong current is generated near this embankment.
  • Points dedicated to short boards
    Longboards are prohibited
    Longboards should be surfed at Taito Point next to the south
  • In the summer, the water temperature is high
    and you can enter the water with swimming trunks.
    Water temperature is low in winter and full equipment is required.
    A full suit will be required from around November,
    Boots are needed at the end of the year,
    You should also have gloves from January to March

The following is a video that clearly shows the waves and location of Shidashita Point

Video by:

East-southeast swells often come in in the summer,
which is the best direction for swells.

Northeastern swells often come in winter,
but often wide breaks

History of Surf Point


The symbol of Shidashita Point is the “Torii” that stands toward the sea.

Torii is the gate of a Japanese shrine,
consisting of two upright posts connected with the top by one or horizontal  crosspieces.
and leading to the shrine.. It is a symbol of Shinto.
The center of the passage is for the god.
and you have to walk on the side of passage.


The contrast between the sea and the torii has a solemn atmosphere.

Shidashita is a festival venue and a very sacred beach.

Every September,
From “Tamasaki Shrine” in the center of the Ichinomiya area,
a shrine will come to Shidashita Point at a distance of 8 km.

In addition, Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach is commonly known as Shidashita,
This is because the beach house run by the “Shida family” was open from May to September every year.

Wave and location photos at Shidashita

Introducing photos of the waves and points at the past international competitions



This is the entrance to the venue at the time of QS6000 GOTCHA ICHINOMIYA CHIBA OPEN held at the end of May 2017.

Since the parking lot on the beach can only be used by people involved in the tournament,
visitors can park at the nearby parking lot and walk to the beach.


Various events were held in the parking lot on the beach,
and many fans gathered.


Many photographers are holding lenses on the beach to capture the amazing riding of top surfers.

Depending on the position of the surfer in the water and the sun,
the cameraman also moves from time to time

Brazilian Jesse Mendes won the tournament.



This is a photo of QS6000 GOTCHA ICHINOMIYA CHIBA OPEN held in 2019,
two years later.

Tsuzuki Amuro, a female representative of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics,
won the tournament.


The size of the waves on this day is from chest to shoulders.

Even if there are many wide waves that you can not ride on average surfers,
top surfers will ride on the waves at a fairly high speed.



This was taken from the embankment on the right side facing the sea

Surfers are flying high.



On this day, the south-southeast wind was blowing strongly.
But there is no effect on the face of the wave

It seems that a small mountain on the south side also reduced the influence of the wind.
At Ichinomiya Point, which is located north of Shidashita,
the wave surface was affected by the south wind.


This is a fixed point camera picture of “Tsurigasaki Beach” (Shida-shita) .

  • Date: May 20, 2019 8:38 am – 8:52 am
  • Wave size: Shoulder to head over
  • Wind : South-Southeast
  • Date: May 20, 2019 8:53 am – 9:08 am
  • Wave size: Shoulder to head over
  • Wind : South-Southeast

Men’s Round 3 Heat3 to Heat 4


Men’s Round 3 Heat7

Men’s Round 3 Heat5


Men’s Round 3 Heat3 to Heat 4

TOKYO2020 Olympic Games

The surfing competition will begin on July 25, 2021

I think a lot of media will deliver the video of surfing at this historic Olympics.

Since the event is held without spectators,
visitors cannot enter the beach and can only watch the game from the live stream.

When materials that can be shared in this article come out, I will add them one by one.


It is the pressure Pattern and Swell direction of Olympic Surfing Day 1.

The swell of the east-southeast,
the wind of the northeast,

the size of the waves are about the waist and belly to the chest,
and later the size is increased from the chest to the shoulders.

Typhoon No. 8 is approaching toward Chiba,
and the size will increase from Day 2, but onshore will become stronger.

I hope this article has helped you








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Tokyo 2020 Surfing Venue